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Welcome to
Flight Training Fitness!

Flight Training Fitness creates virtual training plans for aerialists, pole dancers, and circus athletes within a mobile friendly app, and in-person in ATX.

Master your pole or aerial fitness journey with our expert online coaching and training plan management specifically designed for you. Flight Training Fitness provides virtual personal training, bootcamps, and online coaching through the Flight Training Fitness app.

There is a perfect plan option for you.

Whether you're looking for someone to manage your whole plan, or just need help getting to the next level, Flight Training has you covered.

Keep it simple. The original Aerial & Pole app, with a proven success rate.

Choose the training level that's right for you, get the coaching you need, all in your own personalized app.

Choose from 3 Ways of Training:

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Live Training

In-Person or In-App (private training or video classes available)


Fly FIIT Virtual Bootcamps

(affordable strength & flexibility programs)

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Fully Personalized Monthly Training Plan

(get over $1500 value of personalized planning each month for $300 or less)


"Erinina is like the Mr. Miagi of Aerial and Pole."

-Bianca Stein

"I'm always so impressed with Erinina's knowledge; she has fixed bad form habits I've held for years. She's a talented and energetic coach and I highly recommend her flight training."       


-Tiffany Braden                 


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