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Fly FIIT Virtual Bootcamps

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Adapted from Erinina's signature HIIT-styled fitness class for aerialists and pole dancers.


Not only have I used this framework for my own successes and comebacks in my 12 year aerial career, the Fly FIIT model has over 6 years of proven success with clients consistently blasting through their plateaus faster than they thought possible.

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 3.21.13 PM.png

I take Fly Fiit offered by Erinina at SoFly and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect workout to target every muscle I use in my pole dancing and has definitely helped my overall strength. This class is basically my version of therapy. I can walk in stressed and tired and leave feeling amazing, sore, but full of workout endorphins and ready to conquer my day.


-Olivia S


Erinina's like a real life Kimmy Schmidt that believes you can do anything for 30 seconds at a time--including pistol squats and pull-ups. Her classes are tough but fun and guaranteed to get your booty into shape.


-Jackie W


Each workout contains video demos of every exercise to show proper form to build the strongest foundation possible to help you progress with less risk of injury. ​


Because I believe in offering access to quality training at an affordable price, I am keeping this plan at a deeply discounted rate.


If you still truly cannot afford training, please select the option below to apply for a month of free bootcamp training.


In person, these classes would cost $25/class. For $50/month you'll have up to 12 classes that you can follow anytime that's convenient.


Purchase month by month, or save even more by purchasing two months up front.


Additionally, each month purchased banks a free month of bootcamp to be made available to someone who is unable to pay.


The Bootcamp Includes: HIIT style conditioning classes to be done from anywhere


(8-12 workouts each month equals a $200-$300 value)​ ​


Access to the In-App Fly FIIT group to chat & cheer other bootcamp participants on (priceless) ​


Access to the Flight Training app's fitness tracker sync and nutrition tracking capabilities ($50 value)

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