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Fully Personalized
Monthly Training Plans

Have your entire training schedule planned, monitored, and adapted for long term efficient progress in your craft using proven professional training techniques like periodization, work load analyses, scheduled rest & recovery, and goal centered action steps.

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Regular Evaluation of your Training Status, and Goals ($200 value)

Training Plan Design & Management ($500 value)


Guidance on the ideal class schedule at your local studio(s)

Scheduled recovery days

Workout Tracking

Personalized Workouts Designed Specifically for your Goals ($500)

May Include (based on your goals & level)

Strength & Conditioning

Flexibility & Mobility

Aerial Theory

Choreography Prompts


2 Virtual One-on-One Coaching Sessions per Month ($120 value)

Regular Messaging Access to your Coach ($150 value)


Goals Tracking ($50 value)

All in one place through your custom Flight Training app ($50 value)

HR and Calorie tracking with Fitbit, Withings, or Apple Watch

Optional Nutrition Tracking with Fitbit, or MyFitnessPal


Have your coach in your pocket to ask questions, keep you accountable, and help you progress efficiently; with special knowledge of the unique needs we face as aerialists, pole dancers, and circus athletes.

Never get to the studio & wonder what to do again.


Train at the Right Level, Track your Training, & Train Smart.

Over a $1500 Value Each Month!

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